The Significance of Being a Team-Based Salon

If you didn’t already know, we are a team based salon at a New Beginning. During one of your visits with us you may have heard the term “Team-Based” being used. It sounds cool and inviting but you are probably wondering what this actually means and how it benefits you, our valued guest!

What is a Team-Based Salon?

Being team-based means a few different things. First and foremost the term “team” automatically stands out, showing that we all work together. As a team we embrace a unique atmosphere compared to other salons. Working together means that when one of our stylists needs assistance, we are all there to help!

When our team suggests products for you to purchase based on your hair goals, it is not for personal or financial gain since we are not a commission-based salon. We truly want the best for you and your hair!

How Does Being Team-Based Benefit Our Guests?

One of our favorite aspects about being a team-based salon is that it allows more flexibility for our guests! Our team in the salon trust and support one another and will even suggest other stylists for you to see if they don’t have time available. There’s no need to stress if a certain stylist is out on vacation or fully booked the day you wish to schedule your appointment, anyone from our team can happily take care of you!

Guests are able to freely see as many stylists as they wish without having to worry about feeling guilty for seeing someone else (we promise)! Each one of our stylists are exceptionally talented and unique in their own way. We always strive to recommend a stylist to best fit your needs and personality.

When asking a few of our stylists “what does being team based mean to you?” they replied with:

Carol– “Everyone working toward the same level of excellence, customer service and business outcome.”

Jess– “I personally feel blessed to have such a great team behind me in the sense that I feel supported in everything that I do.”

Courtney– “Determination and dedication as a whole.”

Our Team-Based Culture

We believe in being a team that works endlessly together to provide a high level of professional and relaxing services to our guests. With the support of one another, we are constantly learning new techniques, expanding our knowledge, and continuously growing as a business.

The entire focus for our team is to ensure every guest’s day is being made, no matter which stylist you are seeing. Rest assured, you are in good hands with whoever you book with! Reserve an appointment today with any of our skilled artists: (203)743-9795!

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