Concentrate on Your Skin

Concentrate on Your Skin

What serums are you currently using? And do you really know what’s in them, and if they really do what the say they do? 

AVEDA has formulated three distinct serums- called concentrates.

These concentrates each offer specific benefits for different skin needs. They’re called concentrates because that’s exactly what they are- heavily concentrated botanical extracts. Made to be put on after cleansing and toning, but before moisturizing for optimal results. 

All of our concentrates are made to do exactly what they say: Calm, Brighten, and Firm. They deliver effective results because their formulas are created directly from extracts, including sunflower seed, algae, ginger root, and many more.  


The calm concentrate soothes skin on contact. With algae extract and roman chamomile oil, this serum is made especially for sensitive skin to reduce and cool redness or blemishes caused by skin irritation. This concentrate is also made with upwards of one-hundred thousand raspberry plant stem cells, which are scientifically proven to restore the skin.  If you’re looking for calm, soothed, and radiant skin, the calm concentrate should definitely be added to your skincare routine. 


Instantly brighten skin with the Bright Concentrate. Is your skin looking dull or tired, especially in the winter months? Created with ginger and licorice root extracts, the bright concentrate evens skin tone and reduces discoloration for a truly radiant appearance, inside and out. 


Lastly, the firm concentrate is for those wise beyond their years who are looking to improve the texture and suppleness of their skin. Made with extremely potent peptides that help reveal natural collagen within the skin, and safflower to restore the lipid barrier of the skin to create stronger, more hydrated skin. If you’re looking to fight signs of aging and improve the overall appearance of your skin, the firm concentrate delivers results with specific botanical blends. 


With a facial at A New Beginning, one of our estheticians can guide you to choosing your perfect concentrate match.

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