Acne Essentials at A New Beginning

AVEDA Acne Essentials 


What causes acne?

Although acne isn’t proven to be caused by just one thing, a major factor that does result in breakouts is excessive sebum (a substance naturally created by skin to protect it) clogging the pores, resulting in whiteheads and blackheads. Some people suffer from cystic acne, which can be caused by a number of things like genetics, hormones, and diet. Although we can’t easily control everything that causes acne, we can work with the right homecare products to calm the skin and prevent future breakouts. 


The Acne Facial at A New Beginning:

If you struggle with chronic acne or even the occasional breakout, the acne facial at a New Beginning is specifically curated to calm irritated skin and clean out pores. Along with extractions, our estheticians apply an exfoliating mask to clear away dead skin cells that may clog pores. Also, a cooling mask is applied after extractions to calm any leftover redness or irritation. The acne facial at A New Beginning is meant to clean and calm acne-prone skin, which can help to prevent future breakouts. Along with the use of the Outer Peace line from AVEDA, our estheticians can curate an at-home skincare routine that works effectively for your skin’s individual needs.  


How to prevent acne with the Outer Peace line from AVEDA: 

The Outer Peace line was created specifically to “Relieve blemished skin with the power of botanicals”. 


AVEDA Acne essentials! Learn more about these acne-fighting agents:

  • Outer Peace foaming cleanser
  • Outer peace acne relief pads
  • Botanical kinetics oil control lotion


The Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser

Infused with the plant extracts tamanu, amla, boswellia, and saw palmetto, this foaming cleanser gets deep into pores and effectively cleans with Salicylic Acid without over-drying. Gentle enough for everyday use (morning and night) and will dissolve makeup and other impurities with ease. 


Outer Peace Acne Relief Pads 

AVEDA’s Outer Peace Acne Relief Pads are used to wipe the skin to remove excess sebum and dirt while exfoliating with salicylic acid. Made with the same powerful plants extracts as the Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser, use these pads once a day to clean pores and prevent blackheads. 


Moisturizing Acneic Skin: 

Many people who are prone to break-outs due to oily skin think that they don’t need to moisturize. Contrary to this belief, the skin may be overcompensating for dryness by producing too much oil. It’s important to moisturize, especially after treating acne. Luckily, AVEDA offers different moisturizer options that won’t clog pores or feel greasy. 


AVEDA Oil Control Lotion

This lightweight lotion works throughout the day to absorb oil and hydrate skin. It can be used after cleansing or toning in the morning and evening. 


AVEDA All Sensitive Lotion

This aroma-free moisturizer is made specifically for skin that can be easily irritated and won’t clog pores. Ultra gentle with oat extract and Aloe Vera, this lotion can be used morning and night to combat dryness without the heaviness of thicker moisturizers. 


Other tips to help treat and prevent acne:

  • Avoid too much sun exposure that can cause further discoloration.
  • Don’t pick at your skin; this can cause bacteria to go deeper into pores resulting in more acne.
  • Adjust your diet to avoid foods that are high in salt; this can further exacerbate acne-prone skin.  

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