Color and Go

Our team has discovered that during this Covid pandemic guests are looking to spend less time indoors and the overall definition of delivering a superior customer experience has changed.

With that in mind, we have created “Color and Go!” This new service provides a professional AVEDA Color Application in-salon and allows guests to return home to shampoo out their hair color.

Please watch our virtual walkthrough video for an inside look on Color and Go. We are excited to be able to provide another way for our guests to obtain the proper self-care needed during these times.

Disclosures and Instructions

*Professional color will stain clothing, upholstery, tile, grout, wood, stone, etc.

*Hair color that comes in contact with eyes, nose, mouth, etc. may cause irritation.

*Removal of professional hair color too early or leaving color on longer than recommended, may change the results of the formulation.

I understand the liability of shampooing out my own color and accept responsibility for any damage or irritation that may occur during, before or after shampooing. I agree that a New Beginning Salon and Spa is not responsible for any and all damage or irritation that may occur. I agree to follow the directions provided for me by a New Beginning Salon and Spa. If I need further assistance or clarification, I will call a New Beginning Salon and Spa at 203-743-9795 for additional instruction.

Instructions for Color Removal and Shampoo

Service provider will have you set a timer on your phone prior to leaving the salon.

You will be given a sample size Shampoo and Conditioner to use at home.

Your hair will be put into a plastic cap for transport from the salon to your home. Remove cap when you get home to ensure proper oxidation.

We suggest that you wear a shirt that you do not mind getting color on. This color will not come out of cloth or any other porous materials.

Please be ready to shampoo your hair within a few moments of your timer going off. If color is taken off too early or left on too long, the result may be different than the intended.

Use the provided gloves when shampooing out color for decreased color transfer to hands.

Shampooing of your hair can be done in a sink or shower.

Rinse the color away from the face.

Use tepid water.

Begin rinsing and moving the root color simultaneously while rinsing. Continue to rinse and scrub until the water runs clear.

Once color is removed with scrubbing and water, add up to a quarter size amount of the provided shampoo. Emulsify shampoo in hands before applying to the hair and scalp.

Vigorously scrub the shampoo into the hair and scalp.

Keep the shampoo away from eyes.

Once shampoo is lathered, rinse thoroughly.

If needed, perform a second shampoo in the same fashion as the first.

Squeeze excess water from hair and add up to a quarter size amount of the provided condition to hair, starting at mid shaft and ends.

Leave conditioner to sit for a few minutes.

Rinse conditioner thoroughly from hair.

If some color remains on the hair line, use the provided color wipe to remove. Gently scrub the area for maximum removal.

Style as desired!

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